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3 Reasons that Craigslist is a Car Dealer’s Best Friend

In a recent article written by Dealer Authority‘s own Subi Ghosh, Subi breaks down the 3 reasons that Craigslist is a Car Dealer’s Best Friend, and we couldn’t agree more. Also there is a nice mention of LotVantage in her article. Dealer Authority is considered a thought leader in the automotive arena and them mentioning us, is big for LotVantage as we continue to grow our brand awareness.

Below are the 3 reason’s dealers need to heavily consider Craigslist as a primary means of advertising their inventory to gain maximum exposure at a fraction of the cost, compared to the traditional methods they have grown accustomed to over the years.

  1. Incredible Reach
  2. Total Posting Control
  3. Raving Fans

Here is a link to her article

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